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2023 Wave 2 Breeding Now!

2023 Chestnut Breedings are underway!

See My Shearing Video for our 2023 Date Night Prep!

Wave 1 was partially successful. We had 4 of my favorite does produce awesome litters. All were Xmas babies, & they were born during the coldest week so far this winter.

We shelved the babies for nearly a week and they are all flourishing. Shelving was a lot of work, but the process helped us save many precious babies, & was worth the extra effort.

Many of the younger gals were absolutely no help whatsoever. But we are giving them another go in Wave 2.

We are in the midst of breeding our Wave 2 now. Crossing my fingers for good production.

I added the following 2 new tools to my breeding regime;

* Moon Sign Breeding Calendar,
by BunnyRabbit.com

* How to Restrain a doe for safe breeding, by Celestial Farm.
See Celestial Farm's Facebook page & see the instructional video.
Thanks Arianne!

Hoping all your fuzzy endeavors are productive!