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Free! Beginning Spinning Class!

Denise Williams

Tammy's Note:

I am very excited to share with you the “Basic Spindle Spinning for Beginners Class” by Denise Williams.

Denise covers all the basics from clearly describing the fiber tools & preparations, spinning, plying, and finishing the yarn. I love how she includes clever tips, and so many thrifty ideas.


Denise Williams -
I love fiber arts. I've been sewing since elementary school, crocheting for more than twenty years and spinning and knitting for the last decade. I've written articles and tutorials published in Ply and Spin Off Magazines.

Beginning with a Spindle

The spindle is the oldest, easiest and most cost effective way to learn to spin. Consider that it has been used for centuries before the invention of the flyer wheel. Of course the spindle may not be for everyone, but how will you know unless you try? The Intro to Spinning using a spindle is a free course for you to start your yarn making journey. So give it a spin!