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Lover of Giant Angoras & life long apprenticeship in utilizing their fluff!

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Each t-shirt is hand designed and tie-dyed by Tammy, and showcases Tammy’s artistic passion for the Colored Giant Angoras. Money earned by the t-shirt sales will go directly to fund the Fuzzy Vaughn’s Chestnut Variety Project. Thank You!! Have a Fuzz-tastic Day!

Quality Giant Angoras!

Chestnut Giant Angoras!

We take tremendous pride in raising healthy & happy Angoras.

We utilize proper husbandry management, provide excellent animal care, apply appropriate grooming, and humanely harvest wool.

When all these elements are executed, our loving Angoras will provide us with an abundance of sinfully soft wool.
Then we can provide you with the most luxurious

Angora yarn & Angora apparel!

GET Latest Info #LoveColoredGiants Drawings!

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Refer to ARBA's website for current RHD guidelines & map of affected areas.

Let's keep our family & fuzzies safe!

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Where to find Giant Angoras? I encourage you to join one or more of the Giant Angora groups on Facebook. There you can easily increase your Giant network.
* Giant Angora Chat
* Giant Angora Rabbit Breeders
* Blown Away Angora Rabbit Guild
NOTE: Facebook does not allow animal sale posts or inquiries for sales.

Join us on the Band Application; "Giant Angora Village" Band Application (Primarily for Giant Angora Sales postings, or ISO requests.
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As I started raising Giant Angoras, I quickly fell deeply in love. I was perplexed as to why these majestic creatures are so rare and hard to find. It is my personal passion to be a Giant Angora Cheerleader, to assist others in furthering their own personal Giant Angora passions.

By working together we can make great quality Giant Angoras & share that great quality!

Good luck to your Giant Angora Adventure!

Tammy & Kevin Vaughn