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Showing Colored Giants!

Show your Chestnut Giants, and/or any other colored Giant at your ARBA sanctioned show.

It’s all about networking & having fun!

Ensure you contact the show secretary in advance. Most show secretaries will love the additional entries, more $ for their club.

When sending in your entries, label your entries as "Colored Giants Variety Exhibition.

"Ensure there is a SOP on the color you are showing. The judges need a SOP to judge by. Refer to the Recognized Angora Colors section in the ARBA SOP.

During the show take pictures & share!

Two possible issues;
1) Colors that are not listed in the Recognized Angora Colors section. Judge needs SOP.
2) Judges are overbooked. Exhibition judging is always last, as time permits.

Always work with the judges & show staff. I encourage you to build GOODWILL.

** Always respect the show staff & the judges.

** Be flexible & courteous.

** Ask for comments & feedback.

Remember colored Giants are Exhibition Only: Not eligible to compete in BOB. Only Colored BOV. No NARBC Sweepstake points. No show awards.

Currently only White Giants are the only recognized color for Giant Angoras in the ARBA SOP.

Crossing fingers Chestnuts will pass their COD & we can start showing them and kick butt on the the BIS tables! I'm getting excited!