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F1, F2, F3, F4, Oh My!

A few helpful hints deciphering the "F" Code. I have been dabbling in the color world in Giant Angoras. Due to the lack of abundant quality Colored Giant Angoras, I decided to attempt to make my own. This whole colored world is a huge learning opportunity for me. As white Giants are REW (Red Eyed White). You bred REW to REW and get REW. Pretty simple, well at least the color identification is simple. As a rabbit breeder with intent and a focused plan, nothing is ever simple.

This sparked several conversations regarding F1, F2, F3, vs Purebreds. I hope the following description helps when discussing the crossbreeds and/or Hybrids.

Hybrid and/or Crossbreed is a Giant Angora that has rabbits of a different breed other than Giants showing in the 4 generation pedigree. Please don't get hung up on Hybrid vs Crossbreed. Just remember that both are not purebreds.

F1 is a purebred Giant Angora crossed with a rabbit of a different breed.


Frank is my purebred Giant Angora buck,
Dorothy is my German Angora doe.
Frank and Dorothy's babies are F1's.

George is my purebred Giant Angora buck,
Susie is my French Angora doe.
George and Susie's babies are also F1's

F2, is a F1 crossed to a Purebred Giant Angora or another Giant Angora hybrid that is a F1 or F2.


George/Susie's F1 buck is Sam, &
Frank/Dorothy's F1 doe is Greta.
Sam and Greta's babies are F2's

George and Greta babies are also F2's

Charming is my purebred Giant Angora doe.
Sam and Charming's babies are also F2's

F3, is a F2 bred to a Purebred Giant Angora or another F2.


Sam and Greta's F2 Buck is Kevin, &
George and Greta's F2 doe is Princess,
Kevin and Princess's babies are F3's

Frank and Princess's babies are also F3's

Charming and Kevin's babies are also F3's

F4 is the same as purebred. A F3 bred to another F3 or a purebred would produce bunnies with four generations of Giant Angora on the pedigree.


Kevin and Princess's F3 buck is Neil,
Frank and Princess's doe is Fran,
Neil and Fran's babies are purebred and F4

Test questions:

Sam and Princess's babies are F ___?

Greta and Neil's babies are F ___?

Fran and Frank's babies are F ___ ?

Charming and George's babies are F ___?

To be Registered by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association), your Giant Angora must be a purebred, and also meet criteria described in the Giant Angora Standard of Perfection.

Our ultimate goal is to have purebred, ARBA registered Giant Angoras. REW, is currently the only registrable color. Giants come in all colors, crossing fingers ARBA COD processes will go well and pass!


Let's breed great quality white and colors and share those great quality giants.