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Giant Angora Registration Contest

2024 is the year for Chestnut Giants!

Click here to Register your Giant Angoras & enter the drawing!

To enter the contests, upon successfully registering your Giant Angora with ARBA, please follow these steps:
1) Complete the Giant Registration Entry Form.
2) Share a picture of your newly registered Giant in the Chestnut Village Facebook Group.

As a special incentive, in November 2024, Tammy will randomly select a participant for a chance to win a Free Fuzzy Vaughn's t-shirt of their choice.
Periodically, without any notice, Tammy will surpise you all with a random drawing!  
She'll give away some awesome gifts!  Stay tuned!  More will be announced in the Giant Newsflash!

Let's collaborate to register those Giants and enjoy some fun together!


FYI, did you know you can register your Intermediate Giants?

Yes, you can! They need to make senior weight, have a minimum of 2" wool, and no DQ'S.  

Girls Sr weight is 10#
Boys Sr weight is 9.5#

We can register our chestnuts starting November 1st, 2023.

Additional Note: If you register a 7 month old, you know that he or she is not finished growing. You can update their registration at any time, its just a $2 fee, and the same process as regular registration. So don't wait! If they meet the requirements, get'm registered!



Monday, December 25, 2023