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Giant Bonanza!

We can enter our non-recognized colors!

We all know Giants already come in a wide variety of colors. What do you do when you have a gorgeous non-accepted color? You are prepping your other Giants for an upcoming show & you wish you could bring your special fawn, black, Chinchilla, etc... YES, you can!
Enter them as "EXHIBIT"

We can enter our non-recognized colors!

We will have the 2 Groups as White & Colored, plus we have a Giant Exhibit Group.
Currently Chestnuts are the only accepted Colored Giant Angora.

The Giant Exhibit Group will NOT be awarded sweepstake points or Host club awards.

* Must be a color currently listed in the ARBA SOP, in the Angora Color Guide.
* All Giants will be judged to confirm Giant Angora SOP.
* When submitting your show entry, make it clear to which Giant Angora Group your entry is; White, Colored, or Exhibit.
* We will work with host clubs, judges, & table writers, etc - to not negatively impact open judging. The Exhibit Group will be judged when it is convenient. Regular open entries are the priority.

Do you want to showcase a Giant Bonanza at your upcoming rabbit show? We're here to guide you on how to make it happen while keeping the spirit of collaboration and respect alive.

1. Contact Your Show Secretary in Advance:
Reach out to your show secretary ahead of time to express your interest in featuring a Giant Bonanza. Remember, these dedicated individuals are volunteers, so approach them with compassion, patience, and utmost respect.

2. Respectful Inquiry, Not Insistence:
Our golden rule: never insist or pressure your way into entering non-accepted colors at an open show. We value the hard work of our show organizers, and it's crucial to maintain a positive and cooperative relationship.

3. The Power of Asking:
While we may not insist, we can certainly ask! Inquiring in advance not only allows the hosting club to anticipate additional entry fees but also sparks interest in showcasing a broader spectrum of Giant Angora colors. It's a genuine Win-Win-Win situation!

4. Verify Color Documentation:
Before making your request, ensure the color is documented in the Angora Color Guide in the ARBA SOP (Standard of Perfection). Judges rely on these standards, providing a fair and consistent basis for evaluation.

5. Work with the Show Flow:
Understand that regular show entries take precedence. Always align with the flow of the show and respect the priorities set by the organizers.

6. Hosting Show Management's Discretion:
Remember, it's ultimately at the discretion of the hosting show management whether they will allow non-accepted colors. While they can say "no," the prospect of introducing more colors and diversity can be a thrilling addition to the event.

7. Fun with Local Giant Breeders:
To add an extra layer of excitement, consider collaborating with local Giant breeders. Volunteer to donate exhibit awards and create a festive atmosphere for all participants. Let's make it a memorable experience for everyone involved!

8. Take a Chance & Ask:
Don't be afraid to take that chance! As the saying goes, "Take cookies ??; bribes work too ??." A little sweetness and charm can go a long way in making your request memorable and enjoyable.

Let's infuse our shows with color, camaraderie, and a sense of adventure! Here's to celebrating the beauty of Giant Angoras in all their hues.

December 24, 2023