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Giant Bonanza!

We can enter our non-recognized colors!

We all know Giants already come in a wide variety of colors. What do you do when you have a gorgeous non-accepted color. You are prepping your other Giants for an upcoming show & you wish you could bring your special fawn, black, chinchilla etc... YES, you can! Enter them as "EXHIBIT"

Officially we now have 2 Giant Angora Groups; White & Colored. We can add a 3rd Group as a Giant Exhibit Group. All of the non-accepted Giant Angora colors will be grouped together.

Currently Chestnuts are the only accepted Colored Giant Angora.
As of Nov 1st, 2023 Chestnuts are now show-able & register-able! YAY!

The Giant Exhibit Group will NOT be awarded points or Host club awards.
*** Always contact your local host club's secretary to get permission well in advance of the show.

* Must be a color currently listed in the ARBA SOP, in the Angora Guide.
* All Giants will be judged to confirm Giant SOP.
* When submitting your show entry, make it clear to which Giant Angora Group your entry is;
White, Colored, or Exhibit.
* Always will work with host clubs, judges, & table writers, etc - to prevent negatively impacting open judging. The Exhibit Group will be judged when it is convenient. Regular open entries are the priority.

Our goal is to increase networking with other breeders, raise awareness of the awesome Giant Angora colors, gain insight from judges,
and most of all - to have FUN!

EA - English Angora
FA - French Angora
GA - Giant Angora
SA - Satin Angora
C - Colored
W - White
*Ex - Exhibit
Jr - Junior
Int - Intermediate
Sr - Senior
B - Buck
D - Doe

All secretaries will appreciate the clarity of your entries.
Always double check your emailed exhibitor report as soon as possible. It is much easier to fix any errors before the secretary prints all the show’s forms.

Examples for submitting your Show Entry with all 3 Giant Groups;
Type your information in this order; Tattoo, Breed, Variety, Age, Sex, Show, Fur. This helps the secretary when they are entering the show data.
When emailing your entries always include your name, phone number, & mailing address.

Example A
TKK122 Giant Angora, Colored, Junior, Doe, Open Show ABC
TKK224 Giant Angora, White, Senior, Doe, Open Show ABC & Fur
TKK226 Giant Angora, White, Intermediate, Doe, Open Show ABC
TKK261 Giant Angora, *Exhibit, Senior, Doe, Open Show ABC & Fur

Example B
TKK122 GA, C, Jr, D, Open Show ABC
TKK224 GA, W, Sr, D, Open Show ABC & Fur
TKK226 GA, W, Int, D, Open Show ABC
TKK261 GA, *Ex, Sr, D, Open Show ABC & Fur

November 05, 2023