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Kevin's Kahlua

This recipe will make just under 1.5 Gal of Kahlua 

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"I will do my best", my new daily mantra

My ranting,

Not every day is as challenging as yesterday, thank goodness!
Today, I am choosing to have a good day!

Yesterday, I woke up with a full bladder, too much caffeine the day before, a habit I need to break, but not right now. As I am not a spring chicken anymore, some things just don’t work as well as they used to, like my bladder control.

Anyhow, as I made my morning mad dash to the bathroom, the large bushy tailed dog, Noodle, followed me into t

Giant Angora Tie Dye T-Shirts!

We are raising funds so we can progress with our 2023 Chestnut Giant Angora COD Presentation.

Our 2023 goal is to raise $5,000, by October 1st, 2023.
* 100% All T-Shirt sales & donations will go directly to Fuzzy Vaughn's Farm in supporting our Chestnut Giant Angora COD.

All Tie Dyeing is done by Tammy, here at the Fuzzy Vaughn's Farm. All are dyed & prepared with love!

Check Our Current Supply! HURRY, they


BAARG’s 1st Angora KAL

Plus Learn How to Design Your Own Crescent Shawl

Feb 1st - June 1st, 2023

Shawl Contest Deadline: June 1st, 2023 All entries must submit photos and information.

People’s Choice! Everyone will vote on their favorite shawl!

Award: $50 Gift Certificate to Yarn Refuge, Reno, NV

* Shawls are to be made by the exhibitor.
* Shawls can be knitted, crochet, woven, etc.
* Yes, you can e

2023 Wave 2 Breeding Now!

2023 Chestnut Breedings are underway!

See My Shearing Video for our 2023 Date Night Prep!

Wave 1 was partially successful. We had 4 of my favorite does produce awesome litters. All were Xmas babies, & they were born during the coldest week so far this winter.

We shelved the babies for nearly a week and they are all flourishing. Shelving was a lot of

Showing Colored Giants!

Show your Chestnut Giants, and/or any other colored Giant at your ARBA sanctioned show.

It’s all about networking & having fun!

Ensure you contact the show secretary in advance. Most show secretaries will love the additional entries, more $ for their club.

When sending in your entries, label your entries as "Colored Giants Variety Exhibition.

"Ensure there is a SOP

Chestnut COD Blast Off Sale!

Chestnut Giant Angoras!

Gotta laugh ?? Keeping my sense of Humor!

Chestnut drama, oh my. Do you ever have such a buildup of excitement, anticipation & dread, so many emotions building up simultaneously as a deadline nears? That's me attempting to wrap my head around my upcoming ARBA Convention entry deadline.

Chestnut Giant Angora’s COD presentation is scheduled for Tuesday November 1st. We are #8 on the list. Entry deadline is Monday, October 10th.

Free! Beginning Spinning Class!

Tammy's Note:

I am very excited to share with you the “Basic Spindle Spinning for Beginners Class” by Denise Williams.

Denise covers all the basics from clearly describing the fiber tools & preparations, spinning, plying, and finishing the yarn. I love how she includes clever tips, and so many thrifty ideas.


Denise Williams -
I love fiber arts. I've

VASGC Entry Deadline May 1st, 2022

It's time! Calling out to all Angora lovers!

Entries are open NOW!

VASGC Online Entry & Show Rules

Deadline May 1st, midnight PT

** Show off your homespun Angora Skeins & Garments!
** Win $$$ Awards!
** May 7th-14th, invite your friends to vote on People's Choice Award!

Two Ways to Enter

1. Fill out VASGC Online Form
2. Fill out NARBC’s WSG Entry Form,

Don't over do it!

The drawing says it all, credits to Liz Fosslien, fosslien.com
Too often I go full blast, thinking to myself; just one more bunny to shear, one more task before it gets too late in the day. I challenge each of you to try this with me, take a break before you need it. In other words, to quit while you're ahead. Doing things lightly, in moderation, with a buffer, all the while being kinder to yourself. For me, it’s sitting and knitting for an hour somewhere peaceful. Currently my

Raising the bar on your "Feel good Meter"

It is a true blessing, I am extremely busy with my Chestnut Giant program. I am blessed with my mother’s trait of excessive worrying. Boy howdy, there are plenty of things to worry about. To help me to retain most of my sanity, the process of staying busy with something that utilizes both my brain cells and body muscles is a great benefit. The bunny barn maintenance & my fuzzy creative endeavors provide me with a ton of beneficial activities that help raise the indicator bar on that Feel Goo

Fuzzy Vaughn's GIANT Spring Fling

Last couple years have been... a lot of things, but mostly it's been emotionally exhausting.

I'm choosing to pull up my big girl panties, pull up my chin up high, & stand in the (WWP)Wonder Woman Pose!

If you haven’t heard of the WWP, try it next time you are nearing a stressful or nerve wracking situation. Kinda like facing the new year with all its glory; new challenges, new successes, and of course the all unknowing future.

Now do this;
Stand with your

Betty's Blog on our Chestnut COD

See link to Betty Chu's Blog!

Betty's Blog

I am getting excited! Major fluffing, grooming. & primping!

More pictures will be coming soon!

Stay tuned for Fuzzy Vaughn's first Giant Angora Online Auction!
Giant's going to the 98th ARBA Convention
Located at Louisville, KY

Congrats to Rhiannon's with her big wins!

Northern Indiana Rabbit and Cavy Club Annual Spring Show
Saturday, March 20, 2020
Double Open & Youth Rabbit & Double Open Cavy Shows,
Shipshewana, Indiana

Pulaski Fluff Rabbitry
Rhiannon's Jr Giant Angora doe, Lonesome Pine's Ava won;
* BOB in Youth Show A
* BOB in Open Show B

Sending hugs to all those at the show that helped Rhiannon! 
Extra thanks to Penny Sewell Glazier (Lonesome Pine Angoras),
in helping this young lady and sha

F1, F2, F3, F4, Oh My!

A few helpful hints deciphering the "F" Code. I have been dabbling in the color world in Giant Angoras. Due to the lack of abundant quality Colored Giant Angoras, I decided to attempt to make my own. This whole colored world is a huge learning opportunity for me. As white Giants are REW (Red Eyed White). You bred REW to REW and get REW. Pretty simple, well at least the color identification is simple. As a rabbit breeder with intent and a focused plan, nothing is ever simple.