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Raising the bar on your "Feel good Meter"

Spring is just around the bend
It is a true blessing, I am extremely busy with my Chestnut Giant program. I am blessed with my mother’s trait of excessive worrying. Boy howdy, there are plenty of things to worry about. To help me to retain most of my sanity, the process of staying busy with something that utilizes both my brain cells and body muscles is a great benefit. The bunny barn maintenance & my fuzzy creative endeavors provide me with a ton of beneficial activities that help raise the indicator bar on that Feel Good Meter, in my brain.

Here’s my 6 tips on raising the bar on your Feel Good Meter;

#1. Plan what you can. This could be planning a hike, meal planning for the week, or my rabbit breeding schedule for the next convention. As I am engaged in planning for the future, it helps to ground me, and also allows me to focus on things that are in my control. Like Grandpa used to say, “It’s best to worry on things you can do something about”. Breeding up my Chestnuts is mostly in my control, ok… ummm. Kinda in my control. Well, at least the planning portion is totally in my control.

#2. Organize. Sheesh, I have plenty of opportunities there. Cleaning closets, reorganizing the bunny barn, preparing nest boxes, making my bed every day, and cleaning my knitting corner-that is now half of the living room. (OK, the husband proofed this article and insists on a minor correction; “Not half of the living room, but most of the whole house”) Being able to accomplish something, even if it’s small, helps us raise that bar in your Feel Good Meter.

#3. Expressing gratitude should be in our everyday lives. In times of turmoil it is all too easy for negativity to consume us. As we express thanks & gratitude, it automatically helps to dissipate negativity. Despite current challenges, we all have much to be grateful for. Recognise it and tell someone you appreciate them. I appreciate my husband's assistance to muck out the bunny barn and not nagging me about my obsessive amount of fluffy creative projects cluttering the house.

#4. Maintaining our health. Eating less sugar, taking your vitamins, getting enough sleep, limiting screen time, & getting fresh air. Getting at least 2 hours of fresh air per day can help lift your spirits.

#5. Inventiveness heals. Knit, crochet, paint, read, weave, needle point, quilting, draw, etc. Do what moves you. Unsure of how to do it? Reach out to your friends, online, YouTube, etc. There is a ton of instructional help available, just try it! You’ll learn something new & you might find something you love.

#6. Manage your relationships. This doesn’t mean spending more time on facebook. It means having meaningful interactions with the people who are close to you, whether they are near or far. Smile and say hello to the grocery clerk(even with a mask, they can see you smile with your eyes.) Facetime chat is the next best thing to a real hug. It’s a way we can safely stay in touch. If you have someone living with you, give them a daily hug. Reach out to someone today!

Stay safe, stay busy, & stay positive. Spend some quality time on things that will raise the bar in your “Feel Good Meter.” I hope you, your family, your friends, & your furry critters have a wonderful new year!