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Chestnut COD Blast Off Sale!

Chestnut Giant Angoras!

Gotta laugh ?? Keeping my sense of Humor!

Chestnut drama, oh my. Do you ever have such a buildup of excitement, anticipation & dread, so many emotions building up simultaneously as a deadline nears? That's me attempting to wrap my head around my upcoming ARBA Convention entry deadline.

Chestnut Giant Angora’s COD presentation is scheduled for Tuesday November 1st. We are #8 on the list. Entry deadline is Monday, October 10th.

Recently, I had a minor meltdown as I realized the deadline was in just a few days, not weeks away - as my fuzzy mind feebly recalled.

Before I started to unleash my flood of emotional rant on the hubby, I tried to warn him. I reassured him the upcoming wrath of emotional vomit I am about to spew on him is NOT his fault, NOT needing him to fix anything. I need just him to listen - nod his head occasionally - hugs are definitely needed.

Yes, he indeed did all of the above, plus he helped fix part of my anxiety. He enlisted our relief mailroute guy to work for me. Yay, I have several days off to get my stuff fluffed & wrap up my final evaluations.

I made my lists, fluffed bunnies, made more lists, fluffed more bunnies, repeat…

Last night hubby helped me organize my crazy notes & lists. Yes, I get carried away with my lists, occasionally have lists of my lists.

I now have my ARBA Convention list ready.

I was up until 2am updating Evans, finishing up final pedigrees, & finalizing my show listing. At my age the 2am thing is highly unusual and extremely disturbing in my ways. I can share another time about the next morning's craziness with a wild bird in the bathroom, all dogs barking, cats are pissed off, my minor fall, and all this before COFFEE. Rest assured no one was injured. The bird was rescued & set free, I was not bruised, just bounced around a bit.

I have a few REW's & a plethora of Chestnuts groomed & ready to go.

Our COD contenders will consist of 3 Sr Chestnut bucks, 3 Chestnut Sr does, & 3 batches of Jr's. I will be bringing a total of 38 full coated beautiful Giant Angoras!

I will be selling most of these beauties at the upcoming ARBA Convention, with exception of my final Jr COD show string. All others are available to find new Giant loving homes.

Oh! and Mr Devionar & Miss Dumpling will definitely go home with me. I see many more fantastic kids in their future.

*** CAUTION: Unfortunately I will not know exactly which 4 Jr's will be my final COD show string until possibly as early as Sunday, October 31st(or most likely Tuesday November 1st, lol).

If interested in any of the Chestnut Jr's please contact me ASAP to be on my Convention sale list. (See here... another list! Lol)

I am announcing our
Giant Angora COD Blast Off sale!
See our website for current listing, pictures & videos will be uploaded soon.


All Giant Angoras bought & picked up at Convention will be 50% off listed price. All animals must be picked up at Reno's Convention Wednesday, November 2nd, between 7am - 11am. All sales must be confirmed no later than Tuesday, November 1st, 8pm Pacific Time.

Cheers for now! I'm off to do more fluffing.


I am getting excited! Major fluffing, grooming. & primping!
More pictures will be coming soon!

Giant's going to the 99th ARBA Convention, Reno, NV.