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#TKK219, FV's Exceptional

Rabbit , Giant Angora , Male |Chestnut

DOB: 5/21/2023

Sire: #TKJ511, FV's Enormous

#TKJ511, FV's Enormous

Giant Angora Male Chestnut

DOB: 6/9/20222 yrs
FV's Enormous TKJ511, (B7 GF GC FR DW) Chestnut Giant Angora Buck Enormous is just like his name suggests, he is huge! Nearly 13 lbs at 1 year old. Enormous has a fair body type, but he has terrific color and Giant furnishings. His wool is a solid gray color, all the way to the skin, never washes out. Unfortunately his rings have disappeared. Enormous's wool is what I define as synchronous growth, as it has never molted or showed signs of starting re-growth of a new coat. This type of c ...
  | Chestnut
Dam: #TKi52, FV's Tootsie

Best Mom on my barn!

#TKi52, FV's Tootsie

Giant Angora Female Chestnut

DOB: 12/15/20203 yrs
FV's Tootsie TKi52, (B10 FF GC GR DT LB) Chestnut Giant Angora Doe Note: I know! I know! I shouldn't say that, especially in the world we live in now, I cringe at the thought of saying that out loud, but keep in mind, I am a rabbit breeder, my rabbits are both "precious" and they are "livestock". I give them the best life possible, all the while striving to continually improve the herd health and quality. I am not including this note for my fellow Giant Breeders, ...
  | Chestnut
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Great Giant Angora Buck

My abbreviation notes:

To assist in sharing our evaluations of all the buns, I will share with you our abbreviations & their meanings.

GF - Great Furnishings, Giant ear tassels, woolly front feet, etc
FF - Fair Furnishings, skimpy on ear tassels & possible lack of woolly front feet.
GC - Great Color, holding onto good color in wool growth
FC - Fair Color, lacking good color saturation in wool growth
BC - Bad Color, lacking color in wool growth
BC - Bad Color, lacking color in wool growth
DKC - Dark Chestnut
GR - Great Rings, Visible chestnut ring definition in wool growth
FR - Fair Rings, little chestnut ring definition in wool growth
BR - Bad Rings, no chestnut ring definition in wool growth
REW - No Color ;-)
R - Rufus, wool is showing rich rufus coloring
Body=Kevin's ranking, 0-10, ten being wowsers & they won't leave the barn. Six or less are culled, unless they have some other outstanding quality. Examples: B7, B7+, B8, etc.

Updated 2/24/2024