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#TKi52, FV's Tootsie

Rabbit , Giant Angora , Female |Chestnut

DOB: 12/15/2020 (2 yrs)

Sire: T12 Chestnut Giant Angora
Dam: TKAS12 REW Giant Angora
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FV's Tootsie TKi52, (B10 FF GC GR DT LB) Chestnut Giant Angora Doe

Tootsie has had very little pictures taken & few videos posted, as she is not very pretty.

Note: I know! I know! I shouldn't say that, especially in the world we live in now, I cringe at the thought of saying that out loud, but keep in mind,
I am a rabbit breeder, my rabbits are both "precious" and they are "livestock". I give them the best life possible,
all the while striving to continually improve the herd health and quality. I am not including this note for my fellow Giant Breeders,
but as those people that are new to the craft and may have a different outlook. ;-)

Although Tootsie isn't pretty, she is nearly the most valuable girl in my fuzzy clan. Tootsie is missing both ears and her tail, as her mom over groomed her at birth. Normally we would have culled her, but it was evident her body type was very promising. As she grew, her body type just continued to improve. Tootsie also has immensely dark wool, with fantastic ring definition. Even as an adult, Tootsie's color remains dark and filled with beautiful rings. Unfortunately her wool density isn't the best, and she doesn't have very good Giant furnishings. Tootsie has proven to be an outstanding mother and she continues to retain her outstanding body condition. Great mothering traits are among the very top traits we want to embrace. She has continually produced outstanding kits and passes on her great body genetics. Perhaps someday I will let her wool grow out, and take a great picture of her. Until then we will keep her as one of our prized Chestnuts.

(B10, Body Rating 10, FF= Fair Furnishings, GC Great Color, GR= Great Rings, DT= Dark Toes, LB= Light Belly)

Updated 10/2/2023