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Wooly Bugger Angora Cowl

Wooly Luxurious!
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Brings a new meaning to "Homemade"

I raised the animals, harvested their wool, spun the yarn, hand-dyed the yarn, designed the pattern, & knitted this splendid cowl!

Just .... "Wowsers!"

It feels amazing too!

This cowl is knitted with both my Wooly Bugger hand-spun BeautiFULL Yarn and Sinfully Soft's Blissful DK Yarn.

Especially if you are in search of a yarn that is truly one of a kind. This is my version of Angora Tail Spun Yarn, with an extra umpth of Luscious soft goodness.

The yarn has a 4-6" Angora tail hand placed every 12" - 18" throughout the yarn. Great for accents on shawls, cowls, sweaters, etc. The sky is the limit! Just embrace your creative imagination.

This Angora BeautiFULL hand-spun yarn is unique! It's all in the way the skein is finished. Fulling your finished skeins will encourage your angora halo to bloom while also stabilizing your yarn. I take it further, the skein is fulled to the extreme, actually it is felted.

It is definitely a challenge to achieve that sweet spot, in the fulling process. The trick is to felt the skein enough, while not over doing it. When it's done right, we have a BeautiFULL Angora hand-spun yarn that doesn't have any of that annoying flyaway fuzz.

What you DO have is;
* Extremely soft,
* Extraordinarily durable,
* Exotically fluffy,
* Work of art!

Product Specifications
Composition - Giant Angora Wool
- Merino Wool
- Some Silk too

+ 100% Made with Love!
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