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Angora Hand-Spun Wooly Bugger Yarn

Hand-spun Goodness Gracious!
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Giant Angora Rabbit / Merino Blend

This Wooly Bugger hand-spun yarn are absolutely a delight!

Especially if you are in search of a yarn that is truly one of a kind. This is my version of Angora Tail Spun Yarn, with an extra umpth of Luscious soft goodness.

** See the picture of my Wooly Bugger Cowl! It's AWESOME! It's located in My Store too ;-)

The yarn has a 4-6" Angora tail hand placed every 12" - 18" throughout the yarn. Great for accents on shawls, cowls, sweaters, etc. The sky is the limit! Just embrace your creative imagination.Angora BeautiFULL hand spun yarn is unique! It's all in the way the skein is finished. Fulling your finished skeins will encourage your angora halo to bloom while also stabilizing your yarn. I take it further, the skein is fulled to the extreme, actually it is felted. It is definitely a challenge to achieve that sweet spot, in the fulling process. The trick is to felt the skein enough, while not over doing it. When it's done right, we have a BeautiFULL Angora hand-spun yarn that doesn't have any of that annoying flyaway fuzz.

What you DO have is;
* Extremely soft,
* Extraordinarily durable,
* Exotically fluffy,
* Work of art!

Product Specifications
Yards 96 yards
Weight 5.25 oz / 149 gm
Composition 50% Giant Angora Wool
50% Merino Wool

+ 100% Made with Love!
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