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Lover of Giant Angoras & life long apprenticeship in utilizing their fluff!

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Sinfully Soft's Blissful DK

Luxuriously Soft!
$45.00 USD
Our Yarn and products are made with love, within every step of the process;
* Breeding, raising, & sharing the best quality Giant Angoras
* Harvesting our wool gently, ensuring our rabbits are healthy & happy
* Teaming up with other small farms & fiber mills; that share our quality standards
* The construction of our yarn is of the highest quality


The Blissful Collection of Sinfully Soft Yarns has the perfect blend, it is my personal favorite!

The fine Merino wool provides next to the skin softness and gentle elasticity.

The silk magnifies the shine, strength, and the silky feel of the yarn.

Finally, with 50% Angora rabbit, the yarn has extreme softness, and has the perfect subtle Angora halo for a unique luxurious look!

Product Specifications
Yards 200
Weight 100g / 3.5oz
Composition 50% Angora Rabbit
30% Merino Wool
20% Silk
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