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Lover of Giant Angoras & life long apprenticeship in utilizing their fluff!

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FV's COD 2023 Fund Raising Status

Goal to sell 100 T-Shirts!

We are raising funds so we can progress with our 2023 Chestnut Giant Angora COD Presentation. 

2023 Goal is to sell 100 T-Shirts by October 1st, 2023

100% All T-Shirt sales & donations will go directly to Fuzzy Vaughn's Farm in supporting our Chestnut Giant Angora COD. 

CHECK OUT our Etsy store today! 

New T-Shirts are added frequently!

We knew that the COD process was going to be a tough commitment. Although we didn't anticipate the challenges that would arise from Covid & RHDV2. As with everything else, we are attempting to deal with prices of everything skyrocketing. 

The good news is that the bunny barn has been tremendously successful. Fuzzy Vaughn's Chestnut Giants are looking fantastic!  

All humans & bunnies here at the Vaughn Farm are vaccinated and gearing up ready for our trip to Kentucky's ARBA Convention this fall. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2023