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BAARG’s 1st Angora KAL

Plus Learn How to Design Your Own Crescent Shawl

Feb 1st - June 1st, 2023

Shawl Contest Deadline: June 1st, 2023 All entries must submit photos and information.

People’s Choice! Everyone will vote on their favorite shawl!

Award: $50 Gift Certificate to Yarn Refuge, Reno, NV

* Shawls are to be made by the exhibitor.
* Shawls can be knitted, crochet, woven, etc.
* Yes, you can enter the contest, even if you don’t join the Crescent Shawl KAL ;-)
* Shawls are to be made in 2023.
* Shawls can be any shape, crescent, triangle, rectangle, etc. Sky’s the limit!
* Shawls must contain a minimum 50% Angora, any weight of yarn, commercial spun or hand-spun.
* Anything goes!


Crescent Shawl, Knitting from the bottom up.

* You can design your own crescent shawl using any stitch pattern you choose!
* You can easily modify your design to be a shallower or a deeper shawl!
* Easily make it your very own!
* Use any yarn!
* Easily altering weights and gauges is easy.
* The possibilities are endless!

To learn how to create your own Crescent Shawl & to join our Private Facebook group, you MUST do these 2 things;
#1 Purchase the Ebook below;
Crescent Shawl Ebook, from Laylock, by Derya Davenport
#2 Send BAARG a copy of your receipt to verify your purchase;
[email protected]

With-in this Ebook you will receive 2 terrific patterns, plus the Crescent Shawl Shaping Worksheet. This is well worth the cost of the ebook, approx $10.

I have personally used this worksheet as I designed my Hearts & Hare’s Shawl. I love how easy the worksheet was to follow. (My Pattern is coming soon).

This technique is a treasure! You can easily modify it to create your very own masterpiece.

Yes, it does require a bit of math, but utilizing the included worksheet makes the process a dream.


Bonus! By starting now, you can create your very own Angora Crescent Shawl and enter it in the upcoming NARBC WSG Contest coming up in October. Time is now, to start planning your WSG entries!