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Lover of Giant Angoras & life long apprenticeship in utilizing their fluff!

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#TKJ813, FV's Immense

Beautiful Buck!

Rabbit , Giant Angora , Male |Chestnut

DOB: 7/8/2022 (Under 1 yr)

Sire: #TKJ245, FV's Pistachio

2022 COD Presentation

#TKJ245, FV's Pistachio

Giant Angora Male Chestnut

DOB: 11/17/20211 yr
Great buck! On 1/18/23 he's weighing 12 lb 12 oz. He's kinda flat over the top. His wool is on the soft side. Is that a bad thing? Lol. His wool is easy maintenance. This guy is energetic, not laid-back, owner must have a good arm, lol. He's not aggressive, but he definitely doesn't enjoy sitting still, lol. This can be grooming a challenge. Although, the mountain of soft goodness he provides is awesome.
  | Chestnut
Dam: #TKJ844, FV's Jambalaya

#TKJ844, FV's Jambalaya

Giant Angora Female Chestnut

DOB: 6/6/20212 yrs
Miss Jambalaya, Is a moose! She's nearly 14 lbs! She's also got fantastic coloring going on. Love her dark chestnut rings & her dark toes. Her wool density isn't the greatest. But she more that makes up for that with her sweet personality & fantastic mothering qualities. Sweet girl!
  | Chestnut
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Great looking Giant Angora Chestnut buck.
He's growing up to be an amazing buck!

Great wool!
Great Furnishings!
Sweet personality!

8 months old & 10lb 4oz naked! Big beautiful boy, & he's not done growing yet!

Updated 3/20/2023